Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama's abortion stance sends young evangelicals to McCain

So reads the header of a story in the 30 October edition of the Washington Times. The centerpiece of the article is a Greenberg Quinlan Rosner poll which says that two thirds of all Catholics and white evangelical Protestants of all ages oppose funding for poor women overseas, and 70% of evangelicals say abortion should be illegal in all of most cases. The implication is that these people will vote for McCain over Obama, though I was unable to convince myself that the poll results say precisely that.

Evangelicals, in general, take their religion far more seriously than Catholics do theirs. It is the evangelicals, not the Catholics, whom the abortionists fear. While a few Catholic groups and some individual Catholics (and the all too rare Bishop) are quite staunch and heroic in their opposition to the murder of unborn children, as a group, American Catholics are, well, toothless. Certainly the hierarchy is wishy-washy: if the Catholic hierarchy were starched regarding settled issues of the faith (including, but by no means limited to, abortion), the elite and the media would be ridiculing the US Council of Catholic Bishops as fiercely as they do Focus on the Family, and Nancy Pelosi would not have received the Blessed Sacrament at a Papal Mass. But they don't, she did, and Catholic Church parking lots are filled with cars sporting Obama bumper stickers. Just so we're clear - Hussein Obama is arguably the most radical, pro-abortion politician to have ever held office, and will far and away be the most pro-abortion President if we are so unfortunate as to have him elected. And, if that misfortune befalls us, Catholics will have contributed greatly to his victory.

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