Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fr. Jay Scott Newman, Catholics, and BHO (Follow up)

My understanding is that Fr. Newman's Diocese has no Bishop, but an Administrator. I assume he's the one mentioned in the story, and I am so thankful that he, too, is supporting this courageous priest. As is pointed out in another LifeSite article here, these are not times for the hierarchy of the Church, from His Holiness on down the chain of Command, to be "nuanced" about Church teaching. Nuance has already done too much damage, to the Church, and to souls - sinners, I foremost among them, look to nuance for the loopholes which allow me to continue in sin. The lines are clearly drawn. The opposition will push as hard and as far as they can. The pushback must be unambiguous and strong.

Followup on Fr. Newman (link from LifeSite).

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