Friday, November 21, 2008

Better than nothing: Maine's Bishop Malone on homosexuals and marriage.

Maine diocese against gay marriage. So notes the Lewiston, Maine SunJournal. The text of the Bishop's homily is here, and can be found on the website for the Diocese of Portland, Maine.

Now, Maine is my home of legal record, and has been for over 20 years, despite the fact that I haven't actually lived there full time for quite awhile. Nevertheless, God willing, I will live there full time (and raise my family there) in the not too distant future so the antics of the Diocese of Portland and its Bishop are of great interest to me. Maine's diocese, you see, is more like the norm in the American Church than otherwise, meaning it is ultra liberal, filled with Catholic communities and "cluster parishes" where deadly boring homilies are delivered every Sunday by fewer and fewer priests on obscure or irrelevant topics. The fruits of the Second Vatican Council. However, the recent elections seem to have made even Bishop Malone realize that things might be getting out of hand, and he delivered the homily linked above. A ringing condemnation of homosexual "marriage" it is not, but considering that this is the same Bishop who endorses a Maine law requiring companies to extend benefits to homosexual "domestic partners" of their employees it is a small lurch in the right direction. President Obama, his Catholic vice-President Joe Biden, and Catholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will very soon challenge the Church for the souls of the faithful in ways that have never before happened in this country. Perhaps this threat will stiffen the spine of Bishop Malone and his confreres.

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