Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cessation of CMW

After much thought, I have decided to cease CMW for now. I simply don't have the time to give it that it deserves, as other demands far more central to my state in life as huband, father and physician call on me. I do intend to continue to write, but will restrict myself to print for now. If God wills, perhaps I'll be able to fire up CMW one day in the future.

I hope the things I have put here have been of some use to those of you who have read them.

Pax vobisum,
TP Collins


Milehimama said...

I'm sorry to see you go! Perhaps you could link here to your printed essays and articles, if applicable so we could still read you occasionally?

Martin O'Shea said...

A graphic novel which may interest visitors to your blog is available from:

'The Least Among Us' explores the response of the Church to suffering in itself and a preview is available at:

Whilst the book challenges certain attitudes and dogma it remains a Catholic (if underground) comic.

All best wishes,