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The Week in Review: 4-10 March 2007

The Latin Mass and the Church
I saw in this article that the two states were New Mexico and Maine. Now, to Maine I have great personal attachment (not to mention that it is also the recipient of a goodly chunk of my tax dollars):
Then I saw that the Diocese of Portland, Maine, had endorsed this legislation:
And, though I wasn't surprised (saddened, but not surprised), I thought I'd check the Diocesan website:
Now, everyone knows the Church is a mess, and everyone knows that a large part of the reason is because we have got, by and large, lousy Bishops. There are a few excellent ones, to be sure (I've found myself looking at land prices in Nebraska...), but most are incompetent. If I did my job as badly as the average American Bishop does his, I'd not only be fired, I'd be in jail. But, who appoints the Bishops? The Pope. Nothing mystifies me more than why the post Conciliar popes have appointed, by and large, such awful Bishops...
Here's the link to the actual Maine legislative proposal:

All the more reason to keep praying for a rapid return to Tradition within the Church. Speaking of the elusive motu proprio, here's the SSPX's take on it, courtesy of Rorate caeli:
Fellay speaks on the eventual motu proprio

On the plus side, though:While Critics Blame Catholic Church for AIDS Deaths Stats Show Just the Opposite

Medical Stuff
Sadly, I think that more and more frequently physicians of conscience are going to find themselves forced out of medicine:
Doctor's Resignation over Euthanasia Gets Praise in Vatican Newspaper

Here's the official CDC recommendations regarding Gardasil. No surprise, but still disappointing: Recommended Immunization Schedules for Persons Aged 0--18 Years --- United States, 2007

Although there are a few legitimate uses for prenatal screening, they generally serve the purpose of helping the parents and the physicians practice eugenics. In this case, though, it sounds like a perfectly legitimate prenatal ultrasound:
Healthy Baby Born After Prenatal Screening Falsely Showed he "Died"

This is a year or so old, but still worth reading:
Egg-donor business booms on campuses

My wife read a novel along these lines, but I can't recall the name of it...
Concern over 'spare part' babies

Wrongful life suits are usually centered around a physician who fails to detect a birth defect prenatally, so that the mother can kill the defective child before he's born. This case has a little twist to it:
Boston woman sues for child-rearing costs after failed abortion

Odds and Ends

Our 7 year old started out in Daisy Scouts - we took her out, for many of the reasons listed in this piece. Now she's in Little Flowers.
Confessions of a former Girl Scout

A little dose of PJB:
Corruption in the Schools

So you take your kids out of the government schools because they're cesspools, and out of the "Catholic" schools because they're just as bad and you have to pay thousands of dollars to boot, and you try to do the job yourself. Then, you get this: New Jersey Judge Orders Penal Charges Against Mom for Home-Schooling


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