Friday, January 12, 2007

The Week in Review: 7-13 January, A.D. 2007

H.R. 3: Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2000 Passed 253YEA’s, 174 NAY’s
As of 2:30 PM EST on Thursday, 11 January, the bill was to be sent back for an amendment preventing human cloning. They're so silly - don't they understand that without cloning, embryonic stem cells are close to useless as therapeutic devices? Apparently they did, because the instruction failed, 189 YEA’s to 238 NAY’s. Eight minutes later, they took Role Call #20, and the bill passed, 253 YEA’s to 174 NAY’s.
Of interest (to me, anyway), Mike Michaud, the Representative from Maine's second district, and a politician who touts his Catholicism(see next item regarding Catholic politicians and our courageous and manly Bishops), is a co-sponsor of the bill. He did, of course, vote for it. Since I pay taxes to the great State of Maine, I suppose I contribute to his care and feeding in some way (sigh).

New D.C. Archbishop Washes Hands Over Nancy Pelosi Political Exploitation of Catholic Mass
The scandal, of course, isn't that Pelosi does this. Like all politicians (see Maine's Michaud, above), she's merely a political creation and not expected to be cognizant of real things like religious truths. The scandal is that, as usual, our Bishops, and the Vatican, stand to one side, in frightened silence, as politicians claiming to be Catholic once again make a mockery of the Church.

Christians hail ethical source for stem cells
Jeff Miller over at The Curt Jester ( it right with his 9 January post on the placenta cells: they will not solve the tissue rejection problem. That is why embryonic stem cell researchers repeatedly point out that so-called therapeutic cloning will be a necessary component of any medical future that utilizes products of embryonic stem cells in medical therapy. We'll get to cloning in due course in our little stem cell series...

Britain Set to Ban Human-Animal Hybrid Embryonic Research
Chimeras are no joke. The National Research Council said this about human-animal hybrids (chimeras): "...such conclusive evidence (of proper functioning of the products of embryonic stem cells) requires testing in blastocyst chimeras as is routinely done in (mouse embryonic stem cell research).[1] We'll talk about chimeras when the time comes...

A follow up to December's call for FDA input on vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines is available here:

More on Plan B.
New Report Admits- Emergency Contraception Does Not Reduce Abortion

More on the HPV vaccine.
Parents block plans to vaccinate nine-year-olds against sex virus

More on The Ashley Treatment.
Surgery to stunt disabled girl's growth raises ethical questions

Finally, I've linked this over on the right. It really works!
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[1] "Guidelines for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research" National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, National Academies Press, Washington, D.C. 2005:pg. 33, "Scientific Background". My emphasis. and

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Collins for this blog. I recently discovered your site. As a Catholic family physician who is opening a pro-life practice, I will be visiting you frequently to get inspiration, guidance and an education that I never received in medical school 15 years ago.

The culture of death in American medicine and even in our Catholic hospitals has worn me down. The recent decision by ACOG to offer prenatal screening for Down Syndrome to all pregnant women is for me the latest horror. If pro-life doctors don't start speaking up in large numbers our descent down the proverbial slippery slope just accelerated ten-fold.

God Bless you and the work you do for Him. Judy M.